The Gist

Personal finance is changing.

Before it was an old boys club meant to help the rich get richer.

Now, there’s a whole new wave of people whose mission it is to take this white-washed industry and make it a helluva lot more colorful.


I’m hacking my way into a better financial landscape despite having a few strikes against me.

  • I’m a woman.
  • I’m Mexican/white.
  • I’m 30.
  • I have no college degree.
  • I make $15/hr.

And yet…

My net worth is growing. I’m in school and will be graduating with zero student loan debt. I’m breaking generational trauma about money. I’m changing my own narrative and playing by my own rules.

You can bet your sweet ass I’m sharing all the secrets too. (sign up for my newsletter here so you can get in on these secrets brah.)

So if you can’t find any financial resources that you can use in real life, come hang out.

Personal finance should be personal. More importantly, personal finance should be realistic and accessible to anyone of any income level.

My name is Mackenzie.

I’m here to show a real personal finance narrative.